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+School Signups

Previously here, please update for changes!

Current roster: here!

Keep in mind that the school is really meant as a bridge for CR - taking the test can be assumed, classes are generally assumed, though there may be IC projects from time to time to play around with - really as long as you work things out with your fellow players to try and be on the same page in who'd they'd know and would have a chance to make more outside CR with depending on how classes are set up, just have fun with it?

The purpose of this post is information gathering. What we need to know from student characters is what their "scores" would be on the test -- during the semester, whenever new characters are interested in joining, they'd take the test whenever they express an interest in attending and then get sorted in. It's implied that the scores are possibly adjusted with the new "school year", so it's open for anyone to update whether or not there would have been improvement.

Please reply to this post with:

(Please note that this is for definite student characters - if the character doesn't want to be a student and won't ever be involved, please don't sign them up! And one comment per character, please!


Just indicate which ones you'd be interested in if your character is not part of the actual school (and possibly what they would share with the other "students" if they wanted.)

Date: 2012-02-08 11:49 pm (UTC)
ctrlaltdemons: (Default)
From: [personal profile] ctrlaltdemons
Student's name: Atsuro Kihara
Age: 17
Reading/Writing: 290
Math: 310
General Science: 300
General attitude: Atsuro will work hard and answer questions to the best of his ability if called on. He's eager and open to learning, and if anyone happens to need help, he'd be more than happy to assist them.
World sharing: He can talk about anything in Japan or Tokyo... probably not anything about the Lockdown and demons though. proooobably.

Date: 2012-03-22 07:19 pm (UTC)
positivelycharged: (difficult)
From: [personal profile] positivelycharged

Student's name: Florian
Age: 2, physically 14
Reading/Writing: 200
Math: 120
General Science: 50
General attitude: He's a fast learner and will try his best in class/do all his homework/etc, but occasionally his attention might wander and a teacher might find him doodling during class or staring out the window or something. He's also very friendly with teachers and classmates alike, if a little timid.
World sharing: He doesn't know very much of his own world, so sharing would be restricted to topics like food or the Daath cathedral or the little he learned when he was with Mohs.
Magic: Florian's not exactly great when it comes to magic power, being a failed replica and all, but he'd be very interested in all the elements! He might not ever do very well with anything other than healing, though.
Music: He's interested in everything! All the instruments. He'll fail miserably at any wind instruments though, and will probably end up sticking to something like piano or violin or...drums.

Date: 2012-03-22 08:20 pm (UTC)
tolivefortoday: weird glowing magical thing (Default)
From: [personal profile] tolivefortoday
Student's name:Yun
Age: 12
Reading/Writing: 250
Math: 180
General Science: Below 120
General attitude: Yun's a very inquisitive student with a lot of questions to ask on any given topic and not even remotely shy about asking or being called on in class to answer stuff or do readings. She's friendly to everyone, teachers and students alike, and likely to offer to help other students with their work if they're having trouble (if she's any good at the topic herself, anyway). The quality of her work will always be as detailed and as organized as she can feasibly manage, but anything about science has a long way to go. Homework, on the other hand, is a concept she doesn't like very much and she will have to be reminded of it now and then, but she is semi-dutiful towards it.

World sharing: A lot of Grasslander history and a lot of information about spirits, some history from the other nations of her world but she only knows a little of those, lore about plants and animals.
Magic: Yun has a lot of potential for magic. She would lean mostly towards the water element as her strongest, but would be decent with any other element except fire.
Music: n/a

Date: 2012-03-27 04:29 am (UTC)
savedtheworld: (Default)
From: [personal profile] savedtheworld
Student's name: Aang
Age: 14
Reading/Writing: 220
Math: 125
General Science: 80
General attitude: He's polite, courteous and eager to learn for the most part, usually reflecting the teacher's niceness with appropriate respect. He is only sporadically disruptive due to his penchant for mischief making when things feel too boring (he does feel guilty afterwards with nice teachers). Aang also has trouble grasping most of the more "modern" concepts so he more likely will lose attention in corresponding subjects.
World sharing: Aang would likely share as much as he could about air nomad culture and to a lesser extent stuff about the other nations, as well as the prevalent philosophies of his world.
Magic: He already has mastered Airbending and can bend the elements of fire, earth and water. However, he remains curious about the magical equivalents of these elements and what they can add to his bending if anything.
Music: He can play the tsungi horn in a band environment somewhat averagely.

Date: 2012-03-30 11:20 pm (UTC)
rollypolyclover: (Running!)
From: [personal profile] rollypolyclover
Student's name: Yotsuba Koiwai
Age: 5
Reading/Writing: ?
Math: ?
General Science: ?
Given this is Yotsuba's first time ever attending any sort of school or recieving any proper education past what her dad and friends have told her she would really struggle with any sort of test. She probably wouldn't be able to read or understand what most of the questions say.
General attitude: Enthusiasm! So much of it. It might be a challenge to keep her calm and get on with the work. Anything she hands in would have had 110% effort put into it but would be a poor standard overall.
World sharing: Her world is pretty normal but she loves talking about what she's done, seen, eaten and so forth, for example talking about her trip to a ranch back home and going to a hot air balloon festival.
Magic: 'Magic is cool'. Lots of other people can use magic and so she wants to as well! Any element is fine, but maybe fire because of her interest in fire breathers/Natsu and healing because Elicia can do it and she wants to copy. :|
Music: She can't play anything at all. Show her an instrument and she'll give it a go though! Teaching her to play it properly would be a challenge though. For the sake of everyone's eardrums maybe it's best she stays away from instruments.
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Date: 2012-09-19 02:16 am (UTC)
breezing: (& jinora: floaty smile.)
From: [personal profile] breezing
Student's name: Ikki
Age: 7
Reading/Writing: 229. Ikki is pretty verbose and articulate!
Math: 79 how do I math
General Science: 126 excellent weather science understanding in particular, thanks to specific focus on that in her previous schooling. CLOUDS ARE COOL.
General attitude: Upbeat and social, Ikki is actually fairly okay at buckling down for lessons - see: her canon airbending lessons - although she occasionally has bouts of distraction. She'll ask questions (...a lot) but will typically pay attention, as well, and tries to apply herself. She's really friendly with everyone, so she'll socialize with other students easily. Also, her homework will probably have a set time schedule at home, and would typically be turned in with good condition, although there might be doodles. She's also going to be accompanied by Soren the swellow, and there may be minor distraction issues there, but they'll get better as time goes on.
World sharing: EVERYTHING SHE KNOWS. Not a lot of history, but Ikki can tell people a lot about Air Temple Island and general Republic City culture. She's also pretty cool with stories about her relatives, and explaining bending / the strange animals~~~~ of Avatarlandia. She's a chatterbox. Specific dates occasionally slip her mind, and she has no idea how to convert her dates to other dates, and sometimes she will forget the names of important historical figures. Oops.
Magic: It sounds fascinating and Ikki would basically be up for learning anything! She'd probably be most comfortable with the wind elemental, though. For obvious reasons.
Music: Yep! Ikki enjoys music, and knows how to play a gyaling, which is a type of woodwind/oboe-esque thing, and can dabble in draymin, which is guitar-esque. She also likes singing, although she's no idol in any of these things, okay.
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Date: 2012-09-19 03:35 am (UTC)
selfhelp: ([wiccan] OOMMMM BHUR BHUVAH SVAH)
From: [personal profile] selfhelp

Student's name: Billy Kaplan
Age: 16
Score Billy's one of those sharp analytical types so he'd do pretty well, but Imma keep it vague and just above average for the most part.
Reading/Writing: 300ish
Math: 200-250ish
General Science: 250-300ish
General attitude: Fairly quiet. Typically in school Billy likes to keep to himself; he listens well in class and pays attention, but he doesn't talk a lot and he doesn't stick around after class due to a history of getting pummeled by bullies in the hall all the time |D; With Teddy attending with him (assuming Kukki approves which I think she already has) they might end up distracting each other, and over time as the lack of bullies sinks in, he might become less of a paranoid spazz and join in more class discussions. He's still a sarcastic little shit, though, so he might earn himself a few chalk-to-the-head encounters one way or another...
World sharing: He would pretty much ramble incessantly about super heroes and aliens and how the world gets saved every other week by the Avengers.
Magic: Since Billy already has magic in spades, he'd mostly stick to what he knows for this, but he'd probably go for like... practice and advice? His focus is lightning, and he tries to avoid fire.
Music: ...could he just sit in on classes at random and doodle in the back of the room while he listens? |D

Date: 2012-09-19 02:13 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] heartisabattleground

Student's name: Sora
Age: 15-16 KH3D timeline isn't specficed.
Score (Each out of 400. For guidelines, 120-250 is roughly average and where most people would fall, 250-320 is likely those who applied themselves more/are older/more general knowledge, 320+ would be for genius level basically. )
Reading/Writing: 125
Math: 120
General Science: 120
General attitude: Sora would probably be asleep sometimes since he takes naps whenever he wants. IE when he, Riku and Kairi were to build a raft, he was napping on the beach. But to everyone in general, students and teachers, he'd be like he usually is, friendly and happy go lucky. Quality of work though probably isn't going to be great, he may just slack off a lot.
World sharing: Oh boy, Sora has lots of knowledge on worlds. Especially since he's travelled a lot between them. He could tell them how his world works and how you travel between them and maybe even why they're all separated (but this is kh3d spoils. So, only when asked.)
Magic: Sora can learn just about any magic. Doesn't really matter.
Music: Sora can sing! And he can play air guitar on his keyblade.

Date: 2012-09-21 06:56 am (UTC)
halfnhalf: ([teddy] mmm frappucino)
From: [personal profile] halfnhalf
Student's name: Teddy Altman
Age: 17
Reading/Writing: 300
Math: 210
General Science: 230
General attitude: Quiet and polite, Teddy is one of those good students who doesn't cause any trouble in class. He'd rather be a likable student than draw negative attention to himself. With Billy attending, however, they might distract each other a little. Still, he'll be attentive and a good listener, if a little withdrawn at first since his own experiences at his own school have been not so great. He'll open up more as time goes on, though.
World sharing: He'll just ramble about super heroes and alien invasions and the technology there and how the Avengers save the world every week. Pretty much a parrot of Billy.
Magic: Teddy isn't much of a magic guy, as that's more Billy's expertise, so he probably won't get into it at the moment.
Music: I headcanon that Teddy can play guitar, so he'll probably take that up and help others with it, if they wanted to learn too. He might be interested in other instruments, but for now he'll just stick to the guitar.

Date: 2012-10-14 11:40 pm (UTC)
the_tv_is_a_lie: (I wonder...)
From: [personal profile] the_tv_is_a_lie
Student's name: Seta Souji
Age: 16
Reading/Writing: 310
Math: 270
General Science: 280
General attitude: Souji will, in a nutshell, do his best in class--don't be surprised if exams come up and he manages the top 3. He will also be acting as a tutor; he has at least some degree of experience in that, as evidenced by the same job in his canon.

Also, he has a particular interest in the drama club...if there isn't one, he'll be liable to start one himself.
World sharing: Anything about Inaba...except the rumors. Anything but the rumors. And the murders. And the personas. And the jackass cops.
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Date: 2012-11-30 09:14 am (UTC)
savarin: (Default)
From: [personal profile] savarin
Student's name: Red Savarin
Age: 17
Reading/Writing: 220
Math: 195
General Science: 245
General attitude: Red would work very hard and gladly answer questions in class. He might be a little too cocky, but he'd be kind, determined, and upbeat. Getting him started might be a little tough, but once he starts, there's no stopping him.
World sharing: He could share culture, technology, nature, and a little bit of social studies/history type stuff.
Magic: Definitely interested, to see if he can actually use any. He'd want healing, fire and electrical magic, and anything else that would work well for practical things.
Music: Also interested! He'd prefer any instrument with a keyboard, I think, although he's open to trying new ones.

Date: 2013-01-10 04:09 am (UTC)
theboywiththebook: (preoccupied)
From: [personal profile] theboywiththebook
Student's name: Henry Mills
Age: 10 soon to be 11
Reading/Writing: 295
Math: 250
General Science: 155
General attitude: Henry's been described as very bright. With the right teacher he's been shown to actually like school. He does however skip school depending on the situation (like if important things like breaking curses and stuff happen). His homework is always done and it's often very good quality.
World sharing: How fairy tales are actually real.
Magic: He might be interested in hearing about magic but he's not sure he wants to learn it.
Music: Not really.
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