Mar. 22nd, 2012

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Cultural Fair

* The date has been updated to April 25th-26th.

The idea for this has been tossed around for years by many people, so the time seems ripe for it's fruition. Basically what the fair entails is that people are encouraged to share something from their worlds--whether it's a particular food, culture, piece of history, music, clothing form of entertainment--anything they might find interesting to share and discuss with others and provide interaction benefits.

People are encouraged and welcome to bring other creative aspects into it! I know I saw someone mentioning wanting to put a "map" together of all the respective worlds/countries, and honestly, I don't even know how many *will* be represented, as there are so many. But getting an idea of that would help, so if your character is definitely interested -- and even for handwave purposes!

Multiple characters can work together or separately if they're representing the same world -- such as Earth, for example, so many *different* aspects of that exist so it's just encouraged that characters contribute something they're familiar with--more or one things are fine, the more to interact with the better!

Fair participation is open to the entire village of Luceti, so everyone who has an interest will be encouraged to put plans together. While a lot of it might be encouraged as an ongoing project in the World Sharing classes, students are encouraged to spread out and involve others, and others will be asked to be involved, businesses to contribute, etc, so that booths can be set up and prepared around an appropriate area, which may be deliberated ICly or come up in here if anyone has a good suggestion.

This post can be used for any questions, plotting and informing others of what to expect, or seeing who wants to work together, among other things.

*Location ideas: In the town square, weather permitting.
*Hire a guild (or Edward?) to help with building things if needed
*If there's bad weather, store projects in empty classrooms/use tarp, or see if anyone who lives nearby is willing to store them

+ Town Meeting (IC)
+ Gelda's IC announcement
+ OOC comm announcement
+ OOC comm update part 2


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