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These classes are under the new "open classes" policy that will be introduced ICly before the start of the school year (which has not been chosen/announced yet due to other current IC circumstances. Bear with us.) These classes will still apply to the signed up students, but for those who have "completed" their schooling and still have an interest in attending, or adult characters with any interest in these courses but consider themselves "too old" to attend the other classes, these options now exist as open classes as well.

+ technically Art falls under this as well but it doesn't seem like that much of a big deal and just kind of a recreational crafts thing. Unless you want me to include it!

As always the signups will be found here, please feel free to update your characters scores and unregistered students sign up for the others!

World Sharing

There's not much more to add here, save that these classes will be open to more characters who are interested as well but not officially signed up to the school. So much is handwaved but if there's any real WANTING to say certain explanations happened/what characters would be interested in, maybe this will promote more actual cultural fairs in Luceti's future that don't seem too closed off? We're not all familiar with all canons though so it's really depending on what's willingly supplied and whatnot. Again anything you can offer will benefit since this is more along the lines of mutual sharing.

Also I was thinking of using the new battle dome arrangements as a use for the classes in that maybe some places *could* be recreated and observed by other students. Programmed so that there are no monsters, of course -- Raine would be watching the programming like a hawk to ensure no funny business -- but it might be something to do if you want to keep places in mind, or have a vote on places to look in at (Otherwise Raine will suggest ruins.....) and that's only if the classes don't get too big, but Gelda would have a class too.


Taught by Chopin, these courses are open to those interested in learning more about music/instruments, and he's willing to take on individual students who don't attend the classes. Mostly he is a piano tutor, though his instruction goes to other areas of music as well. Please indicate to [livejournal.com profile] refinedmaestro your interest in the individual lessons via plurk or PM so he knows his students!


The Magic classes are going to be open (pending IC announcements of the changes, in which this writeup will be updated to reflect it) -- rather, anyone who is interested in learning is welcome to sit in on the class, whether or not they're actually enrolled (meaning more for the adults; younger characters are still encouraged to enroll in the actual school).

This is being done to hopefully open more CR/dialogue where this is concerned.

For reference Raine has made contact with all of the spirits, and this is a list her abilities for demonstration purposes. Gelda only has knowledge of healing, water, and earth magic, so Raine probably would have to give demonstrations to both groups at the same time in one of the larger rooms (and then later classes might be separated just to avoid the volume/try to create individual focus).

The information on the filial spirits can be found in the guide and the nitpicker's guide.

* (I think Helios wanted to instruct his own brand of magic or take his own students on privately, and I'm not certain what his skill levels are with the filial magic, so just waiting for confirmation on what that aspect would entail as well)

Standard lessons include studying the spirit's magic, explaining how it's used, some training -- really, those are all mostly individual activities and basically helping people monitor their own progress. Trying to answer questions like "Why am I having trouble contacting this spirit?" and such, considering that contacting the spirit takes time and they'd have to work on that on their own before they can even use the magic.

While that is a considerable part of it, (there will always be some students who just don't get magic and just will have to benefit from watching others and at least becoming somewhat knowledgeable), it's also more of a class where discussion of how magic differentiates between world to world, and perhaps how using the term 'magic' to describe it might not be the best of terms considering the broad meaning and how some people don't even have it in their worlds. Especially since "magic" is more of a term that people use to apply to something "strange or different" and here it's being applied in a practical sense, so it's just working on finding a workable definition from it because the worlds are all so different.


If anyone wants to mention here how their character would have benefitted thus far (or maybe still would have had difficulty, or maybe a lack of interest in wanting to learn more about it -- which is okay too! Considering what kind of a subject "magic" is it's not really going to be "forced" on the student if they genuinely don't have interest or don't feel comfortable or are just having difficulty in general.) But for the characters who are sincerely interested/are having difficulty/just want to hone their own skills, hopefully this will help? And the other aspects might be interesting for those wanting to expand their knowledge of it between worlds.

... basically in a roundabout way if you could let me know progress report/skill related stuff/questions in general this would help immensely. \o/ and maybe we could work on IC related handwavery or future talks.


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