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Newest updates:

School roster spreadsheet, for anyone attending, teacher or student! Please try to update accordingly - this is for the benefit of knowing who your character might be interacting with!

"advanced" - genius level basically, but again there are always new things to be learned with the whole different world aspect there
"above average" - not quite genius, but obviously knows the subjects well, regular A-B student
"average" - understands the subject but doesn't excel, sometimes does well, sometimes does not, it depends
"below average" - really needs help in the subject (or just doesn't care that much)
"not attending" - they just don't attend this class for some reason (???)
"attentive/invested" - they participate a lot (mostly applies to just world sharing/art/music et all), are interested and active and so forth

* maybe use the last column for anything extra, like "class clown" or "sleeps a lot"

+ roster

Jan. 5th, 2012 05:43 pm
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School Roster

+ School listing

+ References for the school are here. Class signups go here - thanks in advance.

+ The list to the actual breakdown of classes is now here! Please check it out for references and don't forget to sign up if you don't see yourself!

+ Music/Art/ and sometimes Magic uses the group 1/group 2 format for ease on the group size. The "open" classes all take place after Lunch for convenience. World sharing is probably better off as a larger group unless they split up for projects or something like that where work is concerned, and also there are trips to the battle dome (... which could work for some magic demonstrations as well, depending on circumstances.)

+ Now with schedule! By Unkie. ♥


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