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+School Signups

Previously here, please update for changes!

Current roster: here!

Keep in mind that the school is really meant as a bridge for CR - taking the test can be assumed, classes are generally assumed, though there may be IC projects from time to time to play around with - really as long as you work things out with your fellow players to try and be on the same page in who'd they'd know and would have a chance to make more outside CR with depending on how classes are set up, just have fun with it?

The purpose of this post is information gathering. What we need to know from student characters is what their "scores" would be on the test -- during the semester, whenever new characters are interested in joining, they'd take the test whenever they express an interest in attending and then get sorted in. It's implied that the scores are possibly adjusted with the new "school year", so it's open for anyone to update whether or not there would have been improvement.

Please reply to this post with:

(Please note that this is for definite student characters - if the character doesn't want to be a student and won't ever be involved, please don't sign them up! And one comment per character, please!


Just indicate which ones you'd be interested in if your character is not part of the actual school (and possibly what they would share with the other "students" if they wanted.)

+ roster

Jan. 5th, 2012 05:43 pm
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School Roster

+ School listing

+ References for the school are here. Class signups go here - thanks in advance.

+ The list to the actual breakdown of classes is now here! Please check it out for references and don't forget to sign up if you don't see yourself!

+ Music/Art/ and sometimes Magic uses the group 1/group 2 format for ease on the group size. The "open" classes all take place after Lunch for convenience. World sharing is probably better off as a larger group unless they split up for projects or something like that where work is concerned, and also there are trips to the battle dome (... which could work for some magic demonstrations as well, depending on circumstances.)

+ Now with schedule! By Unkie. ♥


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